Is Wikipedia is Biased Against Blacks?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

What I saw one of our administrators go though was unbelievable. And yet, the entire time she remained professional, calm, cool, and collected. From August 2019 to January 2020, she finally had seen and heard enough of nothing with the company that supposedly worked on her behalf. Ironically, the entire time the company reported that it was Wikipedia that was the issue. Of course it was assumed the third-party company was to blame. Yet now we all see Wikipedia as being - suspect! Why you ask? Read on and you'll understand.

The interesting fact is that we initially had two other people sign up with her, who both happened to be white. Later we added a third White person to the mix to add insult to injury should Wikipedia be found guilty in this experiment. They gave similar aspects of their careers and background along the lines of achievement and in one case gave much less. And yet, their pages were approved when photos came through revealing their race. The kicker is that the Whites only needed five or so references, whereas anyone Black needed between 18 and 22 references. Shockingly, even after major updates and additions, the page still failed for the one black person. And get this, their references included ABC, CBS, NBC... need we go on?

Oddly enough, when our administrator sent her professional photo in, there was every excuse in the book. Wikimedia came onboard and even more photos were sent. Amazing! The issue apparently did not originate with the third-party company - yet instead it started at Wikipedia. Yet when the photos came through revealing the person was of color, all broke down resulting in no wiki. Therefore, the issue was not from the third-party company apparently, yet from the Wikipedia Moderator (or so we were told).

United Nations activities, World Sport Appointment Sponsor, and the list just went on for our administrator - all verifiable. She even took photos with famous people including Dan Pena, Navi Pillay, Pro Ball Players, Celebrities, world leaders, and was in the process of wrapping up four years of law school and yet - apparently this 'still' wasn't enough. Finally, she told them she wanted a full refund. They even tried to toy around with 'that' at the third party company. Yet when they learned our administrator was in contact with the Black Wiki Movement Founder - they yielded.

What Wikipedia is communicating to the masses, is that they do not care enough to do anything about the companies out there who claim they can create pages for them, they are also communicating that their moderators are totally biased as majority White male editors over there at Wikipedia.

Will they ever change? If not, the #BlackWikiMovement will surely kick in!

What are your thoughts?

Adelita Moran, Contributing Writer


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