Racial Bias on Wikipedia Out of Hand, According to Chief Information Officer & Former DOD Tech Guru.

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

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"Doc says, "The excuse of the lack of Black editors is 'no' excuse and would be a very lame one at best. It is time for an African-American Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (among other underrepresented groups) ASAP!"

Doc O. Friedman says Wikipedia can most assuredly prepare for the 'Black-Wiki' Movement to fully commence in 2022 if they do not take full on and immediate action, to rid themselves of the #racialbias where not only Blacks are concerned, yet 'women' of color, Latina's/Latino's, Asians, other people of color, alternative lifestyle communities, and on, and on. "I have not heard of Wikipedia calling on Blacks to learn to edit Wikipedia Pages, yet instead - they call for #edit_a_thons, of which nothing even remotely similar has happened that we know of, since 2016."

"It is now 2020, so what gives Wikipedia?"

A racial bias article Wikipedia amazingly allowed on their page to their own embarrassment (slap in the face of Blacks, or transparency?), displays the following quote by none other than the previous president of Wikimedia D.C., James Hare, where he clarified that; "a lot of black history is left out" of Wikipedia, due to articles predominately being written by white editors. Articles that do exist on African topics are, according to some, largely edited by editors from Europe and North America and thus reflect only their knowledge and consumption of media, which "tend to perpetuate a negative image" of Africa. In reality, this in and of itself is absurd, given that we know that European Countries have a much better grasp on African American history than America ever could. If for no other reason, because they keep better record of events of the past in England for example. This is where we know beyond a reasonable doubt as taught throughout history, that African Americans that were imported as slaves into British North America and Louisiana back between 1700 and 1820: which in turn made way for very easy access to women of color - to crewmen. This of course was considered to be no less than a perk, or one of the self-loathing and divisive benefits of the slave trade system, back then.

Yet then again, there is absolutely no mention of the societal structure by the leadership of #Kings, #Queens, and #Princes/#Princesses that existed, prior to slavery among Africans. I assume this is to try and continue on with passing off the lie, that Blacks and Africans have never been anything more than slaves - which is a lie that pales in comparison to the truth. Africa is where the richest resources of countless type, were housed, until the country was violated by intruders. This must have been easy at the start, given the nurturing, accepting nature of Africans as it has always been - until recent where they have obviously learned to be a bit more cautious, especially with strangers from a strange land harboring disease and housing mal-intent against the people; yet seeming to bear good intent at the onset!

Clearly, the point I'm making is that #Wikipedia has editors who could very easily call upon sources that are both #reputable and properly documented, on the related topics their editors are so severely lacking wisdom or even the most basic knowledge on - namely, Black History. Hence Wikipedia's lack of representation of the amazing and enormous amounts of information available today, regarding the massive contributions of 'so many' people of color. In short, this is not really just about Blacks, yet the great many of other people of color, not listed or even mentioned in Wikipedia as well. As for common sense places to find bountiful amounts of African American History Wikipedia? Here are a few hints I found, simply by way of a 6 second #Google.com Internet Search. Here are just a few to get you started Wikipedia, since we are not people who point out major disconnects, without offering viable resources or solutions of course, much like in (the former) Ancient Alexandria, the Center (or Seat) of Education/Learning, Trade and Commerce;

- https://www.commonsense.org

- PBS LearningMedia

- Teaching Tolerance (Teaching Acceptance would have been much better yet their efforts are appreciated)

- Library of Congress

- National Archives

- EDSITEment

- Slavery at Monticello: Life and Work at Mulberry Row

- Digital Public Library of America

- Facing History and Ourselves

- Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database

- Stanford History Education Group

All things considered, what this means to say (according to Wikipedia) I assume, is that Wiki was smart enough to start Wikipedia, but wasn't smart enough to call for collaboration with entities that house tons and tons of data on the achievements of African Americans (and others), so that a page or pages, referenced in Wikipedia could be referred to elsewhere online, by a trusted outside source if not by Wikipedia themselves, possibly displaying a link to the most appropriate page, based upon what it is that the seeker seeks - considering their query? Or is Wikipedia telling people of color (and some others) that they do not matter to Wikipedia, or are not important? Or that our achievements and contributions to history are not notable enough or do not matter enough to Wikipedia, for the proposed entries to find a page to call home at Wikipedia?

"The big message it seems Wikipedia is sending us as people of color, is that their Wikipedia page was intended for them, which is why they made no provisions to accommodate any accurate history accounts of our major contributions to this country; even in the era of #hiddenfigures, #NASAMathematicians, #womenmathematicians, #blackwomendidthat, and the countless other achievements. Yet as long as they're willing to give up any public grants or any public funding since they're more akin to an association or private club shall we say - I'm fine with them keeping Wiki White-Privileged. Yet what they're saying to Blacks and people of color is quite simple really; That we might consider designing and constructing our own wiki concept, hence the birth of the Black Wiki Movement, which I created out of necessity some years ago with a discrete yet extremely resourceful group, that is growing the movement quietly behind the scenes as has been done for years now." - Olivia P. Friedman, Restorative Justice Advocate (2020)

Yet many may wonder, why all of this fuss over plain old constant donation seeking Wikipedia? Here's why... The Black Dollar Power Movement was birthed to support a similar view as i have;

"Why should #BlackVotes be deemed good enough for politicians who do not plan to do great things for us as well, as a people? What do candidates promise to deliver on for #Blacks? We know the power of our vote! At least now we do. #BlackVoteROI
Additionally, why should Black Dollars be deemed good enough for con-sumerism, (please see meaning of con at end of article) - yet shunned when we find ourselves within certain circles where it can benefit us in more impacting, and lasting ways in the long-run? Jewish people do very well in this area, we as Blacks can learn a lot from them, as most of my friends are Jewish as well I am proud to say! Where they demanded then, and still today - to be heard while holding their currencies in hand, to put it to work."
- Olivia P. Friedman, #RestorativeJusticeAdvocate with a Legal Education, Conflict Resolution, and Court Mediator Experience

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#JewishPeople and Most All People (yet not Blacks - not yet anyway), demanded then and still demand today - to be heard, to buy land, to buy property, to own businesses, and to have them flourish with their hard-earned money. Yet Blacks, spending the most money in America, seem to have no voice in financial arenas despite our awareness of the '#PoolingOfFunds' concept among prominent Blacks. Clearly it's because many do not know their worth or how it plays into con-sumerism and contributing to the economy in America overall.

Jay-X, oh I'm Sorry, Jay-Z said it all in the Story of O.J. Song (see video below). Although a few points I am impartial to that Jay-Z makes in the video (that I'd love to start dialogue with him on), and as racist as it sounded to some including the Elders, he went to the extremes Blacks know some Whites do behind the scenes. That said, I liked for the most part his approach in that it had to be radical - in order to get the attention of our people - Black People. I consider it to be a modern day 'wake-up-call' for us as a people. We must awaken to the power of our money, our labour, our vote, our power as a people - in numbers!

Doc Friedman, a chief information systems security officer with an extreme wealth of technology experience, seeks to hold Wikipedia accountable to the truth! They're Racial Bias Issues toward Blacks - must stop! She has close friends from all walks of life that are of many different races, and says she loves all people - which is why this is so hurtful and discriminatory as lack of effort as in the case of Wikipedia - tend in the long-run - to try and write her people out of history. "this calls for a call to action, where we as Black People must write our own history. Because as we already know from the past, as well as the current effects it has on us as Blacks present day... that due to our people being written about and referred to with the connotation that involves slavery, causing people to forget we are from bloodlines of kings and queens - naturally, before slavery (and in some cases thereafter) - that our story, same as with any body of people, it always best written by the people themselves. Yet Wikipedia should not write about just Whites in a positive light, and should not require more links and such from Blacks (with an additional two to three months wait time to completion), as references in Wikipedia for their page, as opposed to Whites needing only a few to have a page up within weeks. This is not just bias, it is clearly blatant discrimination!

Therefore if we do not write our own history, from our own perspective in truth - it's likely no one else will even care to. It is our responsibility to do so, for the sake of future generations if for no other reason! As for the few who might care, it may mean they would write our history with 'their' version in mind? I believe we've already endured enough of that. "Enough is enough"says Doc Friedman. Facebook and Wikipedia are in for a serious awakening if they do not put more effort into race issues within these entities.

" Hence Wikipedia's repeated violation of the common respect and decency of Blacks to be heard with equal weight and to have our history listed in Wikipedia. Whose to say a couple if not a few protected categories are not being stepped on under Title VII whereas protected categories are concerned? This is also an area to explore, given the facts present day. Or is Wikipedia considered to be a 'public place' online? Or even better, are they a not-for profit entity and likely receiving public or even other grants including federal grants?"

Until they do more in this matter - we should all around the world consider all their other publishing non-truths; as their Wikipedia page is merely a creation of their own, for their own. Why shouldn't we do the same? Because two wrongs do not make one right. However, due to Wikipedia showing blatant White privilege to others, and take us as Blacks along for a ride when it's time for us to update or create our page - we are instead forced to cover our own historical accounts in that no one else will. Was there an attempt toward a #Wikipediapartnership with anyone, to cover these areas where they are lacking? Whereas Whites continue to experience so much privilege in ways many may not even notice? At the end of the day, Wikipedia should do better. This has now also become their #Wikipediacalltoaction in this matter, if they didn't already know it. In the meantime, we will continue to work on ways of showcasing our people in a fashion that properly reflects contributions of African Americans in America and around the world."

- Olivia P. Friedman - Restorative Justice Advocate (2012)

She stated, "Wikipedia is so biased and quite literally racist in my opinion, against Blacks when it comes to editing Wikipedia as a whole". Sandboxes to redactions, Doc Friedman has been conducting her very own personal experiments with Wikipedia, and

may soon post her findings as well as a comment of a person from within a company that does Wiki edits, when one white gentleman referred to a white assistant of Doc Friedman's as a blue eyed angel, and commented that people with dark eyes are evil.

While we admit the comment as unnecessary and tedious if not quite literally childish - it does however show one that even a company that creates Wiki Pages - offering so-called premier content writing services (we will not mention the company name) - while also not employed by Wikipedia, nonetheless shows what the climate is for sure, whereas Blacks and Wikipedia pages are concerned. Of course my assistant recorded the phone call and asked permission as well - he granted it in a rush to get her contact details as she stated she wanted to record to make sure she didn't miss anything as he discussed details of the Wikipedia page creation process. The young man was so interested in getting to meet my assistant, he let his guard down completely and spilled his guts. How shameful, and not much different than the outcome at Wikipedia when one goes to secure a page of have one created for them, or editing of an existing one.

We will not go into the fraud involved as it may seem as if this company is a one off. When in reality, many of these entities are the same. So why not start our own Wiki type page for Blacks since the original Wiki seems to be for Whites? Either way, if you want a Wikipedia page, please contact me personally by commenting to this blog entry with a general way to find you on social media and we'll give you the goods on what companies you can trust, whether you're Black or White.

Pages range anywhere from $699 to $3,900, depending upon the quality of the Wikipedia page creation you desire. You may feel free to find your own wiki page creator if you qualify for a page or have a panel already much like many of us do. yet if you choose your own company to create or edit your partial wiki already online due to your achievements, and you get taken or scammed, remember we offered to assist you and feel free to seek help thereafter need be. Or contact us to learn more about the wiki page creation process.

Also, if in Africa yet having business relations or contacts in America, and you or your entity are noteworthy, please feel free to contact us just the same, that we may ensure you are treated fairly by Wikipedia, throughout the page creation process. We are not the watchdogs of Wikipedia (although people call us that), we simply want to ensure you are treated fairly the same as Whites, throughout the process of having your Wikipedia page created.

Please contact media or PR company for general enquiry or contact Doc directly:

Olivia P. Friedman

Restorative Justice Advocate

Founder, Black Wiki Movement

Freelance Writer among other gifts

Signal: 909-372-0549 eMail: oliviafriedmanjd2019@gmail.com

con - sumer - or the con in consumer

con1 /kän/ INFORMAL verb persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception. "I conned him into giving me your home number" Similar: swindle, defraud, cheat, trick, fleece, dupe, deceive, rook, exploit, squeeze, milk, bleed, fool, take advantage of, mislead, delude, hoax, hoodwink, bamboozle, string along, embezzle, do, sting, diddle, fiddle, swizzle, swizz, rip off, take for a ride, pull a fast one on, put one over on, sell a pup to, take to the cleaners, bilk, gull, finagle, gazump, stiff, euchre, bunco, hornswoggle, cozen, sharp, mulct.

noun an instance of deceiving or tricking someone. "a con artist" Similar: swindle, deception, trick, racket, bit of sharp practice, fraud, scam

Racial Bias on Wikipedia Out of Hand, According to #ChiefInformationOfficer, Former #DODTechGuru

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