Jay-Z Says... War On Drugs Epic Fail Restorative Justice Advocate at 'Justice Restored' Agrees.

- Olivia P. Friedman, Restorative Justice Advocate Agrees.

"Was the so-called 'war on drugs' effort biased to begin with? Judging from the result, I'd say so. As technology professionals, same as we see bias within our field with people of color, we have also seen the numbers post 'war on drugs', crunched in ways many do not see. We see the outcome of so-called efforts that reveal only the hard truth in the end; that many of these efforts were doomed and biased from the start." Says an Active Restorative Justice Advocate from Chicago, Illinois.
See Jay-Z's Op Ed below to learn more!

- Olivia P. Friedman - Restorative Justice Advocate with a Legal Education and Court Mediation Experience

Video Credit: New York Times (Jay-Z OP ED)

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