How to stay organized at work

In real estate we often hear, "Location, location, location". In the business world, what we don't hear that we likely should is; "Organization, organization, organization".

Otherwise, the word that should be repeated when contemplating getting better organized in the workplace is - "Routine, routine, routine...".... We say this here at The Institute of Higher Global Studies, in knowing our leader Doc Friedman demonstrated this on a daily basis. This statement has created the perfect segue for mentioning the importance of leading by example as a C-suite Executive.

Finally, to get organized at work, consider the following in doing so;

1. Daily routine

2. Daily habits

3. Unexpected visitors to your work space

4. Comfort, and ease of both getting started in the morning, and wrapping up at the end of the day

5. Productivity (easily accessible desk tools and supplies)

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