Cutting costs: maximizing results

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Did you know you may cost yourself expenses you need not have?

It's okay, we all do it.. Yet the simple fact is, we do not have to continue this resource wasting practice. Make it a best practice to review all services you believe you need at least twice a year.

The first time, just before the new year after considering legislative changes that may affect your business in he coming year.

The second, at the six month point which is usually June of every year. This affords you as business owner or manager (and if an overachiever an employee or contractor), to identify possible gains before end fiscal year by eliminating services and plans you no longer need.

It could mean extra dollars in revenue gained at your annual meeting. This way you're prepared for fiscal year details and challenges in ways you may not have been last year.

Chase B. - Canadian Lead Writer, Institute of Higher Global Studies (USA)

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