10 ways to engage with your clients

Updated: May 9, 2019

Social media and other terms first come to mind, when referring to marketing, public relations, and quite literally anything to do with getting ones business name out there in the 'selfie' era.

1. Consider engaging with customers by way of testimonials.

2. Put in place a reward system in place for those who do say good things about the company.

3. Also consider having a loyalty program for repeat customers.

4. Try not to fall into the dis-loyalty practice of only rewarding 'new' consumers.

5. Open up your business from time to time, an 'Open House' can easily usher in new business.

6. Contact clients via email with digital thank you cards, thanking them for their business....

7. Ask clients if they'd be willing to chat with you once a year in a forum with other clients for insight into possible ways you may improve your business...........

8. Observe your business from the outside, by pretending to be a customer and work your way to the end of one of your products or services. See what others see, from the outside.

9. Do not react negatively to bad reviews....... Many consumers know it's impossible to please everyone.. How you handle the situation will determine how people see you, and your business.

10. Ask people what they 'really' think about you and your business. Ensure they realize you truly value their opinion. Be careful not to put on a defensive face, and welcome their opinion with grace.

Once word gets out about your demeanor, openness, and your business fosters a more transparent and approachable view from the outside; many will likely find themselves drawn to your business all the more.

Chase B. -

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