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Hear It From Us

Institute of Higher Global Studies falls under The People's Education Movement. 

"The mission of the People's Education Movement - is to support the UN's year 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. To also mirror their positive global humanitarian efforts, in support of all vetted global education movements that support the UN's strong humanitarian values toward access to great education - for everyone around the world."

 We serve out our mission by way of providing a combination of the following product and service offerings which include... 

-Teaching/Training on needed technical skill sets (to key personnel) on the grass-roots level, that have limited funding. (Sliding Scale based upon proven annual revenue). We love working with start-up's!

- IT Service Offerings

- Marketing

- PR - Education Program/Pilot Implementation Consulting Evaluation/Audit

- Online/Email Digital Marketing - Media/News Reporting

- Talk Radio/TV (Media Appearances/PeaceCasts/VodCasts and Podcasts)

- Brand Awareness, including licensed usage of our signature Model Brand Management - 'Public-Eye' Brand Image Protection Services (digital+brand identity).

     We perform such vital tasks in order to help sustain successful programs, by providing various support measures. Including 'some' fund-raising efforts. Most of our efforts are primarily for global education entities, vetted by, and currently active in some manner or another within and in some instances outside of the UN, EU, and NAU.